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March 1, 2018

It is my pleasure to introduce AviaMind Inc to the world.

At a time where information availability is outpacing our ability to know what to do with it, coupled with economic disruptions and paradigm shifting (read Ken Johnston’s piece about the new  “Gig Economy” in The Globe and Mail), AviaMind was created on the heels of appreciating such changes and helping organizations cope with them efficiently and sustainably. A couple of questions came to my mind as I began this journey:

  1. What is AviaMind?
  2. What does it do?
  3. Why does it do it?
  4. Will anyone care?

Actually, this is a very truncated list and in fact all of the items are part in parcel of any start-up. Truth is, my experience and the experience of my Network and Advisory group has been considered Expertise for longer than I am able to confirm validation. Near and far network connections are looking for strategic, tactical and functional solutions that can only provided by those that have been through similar. Having said that, with the rules changing and performance constantly in flux, it can be difficult to thrive in an evolving industry. AviaMind helps clients anticipate where their organization and industry are heading to pinpoint opportunities for the future. We leverage our industry expertise using analytics and technology with creativity to bring about innovation; making business planning decisions that yield powerful solutions.
We collaborate with our clients to help them not only understand what the best way to leverage a strategy or initiative is, but also appreciate why it gives them that competitive advantage.

Most importantly, each client gets their very own AviaMind – Consult Before Flight key-chain!!!

Dejan Markovic – Principal